Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stats and scattered thoughts.

So I finally got around to doing my stats, so every wednesday will be weigh in day for me.

Im really not impressed with them atm, I've put on about 10 cm every where =(

Anyway so here goes....

Weight: 58kg
Bust: 91 cm
Abs: 86cm
Arms: 26.5 cm
thighs: 56cm
Butt: 99 cm
Neck: 34cm
They are disgusting, but this is my starting point and I will lose this weight again.
Im still watching portion sizes and will start walking and gyming tomorrow.
So not much has been happening, got a doctors appointment today...just a check up.
I've only had breakfast so far, not sure what else to eat today.
Any ideas?
My breakfast was yummy tho =)
Hmm I'm so boring atm, might go read some blogs, will report later how my day went =)


  1. I know the shame of knowing how you can measure yourself in high numbers. Somehow, I prefer telling people I have a XXinch waist or cm in your case, rather then say I weigh XXlbs, though I bare it all on here, no one knows my actual weight. The closest to knowing is BF and he only gets the "I'm Xlbs over my normal, Im fat"

    Best of luck with your day.

  2. im sorry that u gained some inches:( hopefully blogs can inspire you!!

  3. hey my blog was recently discovered by an ex boyfriend heres my new link: