Saturday, June 19, 2010


Weight 53kg.

Binging has been out of control of late. Been smokin like a chimney also which is feral.

Been having fun with a boy from work, we'll call him JV, i went to his birthday party two weeks ago and it pretty much started from there, we were in newy near customs sitting on the grass he was a good 30 metres from me, and i announced to the four ppl sitting with me " i really want jack right now" and it got back to him when i disappeared into the northern for shots...its fun. I like having a secret at work ( we're not telling ppl coz we're not together).

Anywayz today i went for a run =) and i've only had a quarter of my 96 cal yoghurt cup...trying to drink lots of water so i can convince my body it is full but watevs.

Im on close tonight so not binging wont be hard =)

thats it for now.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sorry for the lack of postage...

but my net has been down for the last week and a half.

Will fill u in on all the exciting things that have happened and will catch up on reading.

Love u all.