Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finally home and back on blogger!!

So i moved back on sunday and all is well.

Was a pretty easy 10 hr dr back, i think i may have got done for speeding tho, but my awesome mother said she'll take the fall for it =)

So i intended for this post to be a Vlog but my bro lost the cord that connects the camera to the computer so i'll have to buy a new one, so i'll post the video i did last nite next week. You'll also notice i deleted my previous posts...trying to make a new start so i figured why not.

Things are pretty good atm, i weighed on tuesday was 50.7kg...pretty awesome considering all the bingeing i did in brisbane. Not gonna weigh in again till next tuesday.

My goal atm is to get back down to 50 by then, then slowly go down 0.5 kg a week or so.

So BIG news! I met Sarah from Is this what u call perfect? blog, she is totally gorgeous in person and no matter what she says she is fucking tiny! Super jealous of that girl, she is freaking beautiful . But honestly is was so nice to meet someone from this community =)

Ended up drinking last nite, so im not gonna make sure i eat 1000 calories today like i usually do, just gonna drink lots of water, walk the dog ( too hungova to work out, plus my body is still aching from the 9 kms i ran yesterday), and eat when i really need to, already had 2 rice cakes wit vegimite, gonna have some fruit later and we're having salad for dinner so yea...

Met a nice boy last nite, shame i dont feel anything for him tho...uno how you just know, i dont feel it. still gonna give him a chance tho.

Last nite on the drive home my best friend L who has had an eating disorder for 5 of the 7 years we've been friends, started coughing up blood, it was so scary coz i didn't know wat to do and she wouldn't let us take her to the hospital...so seems ok now, but that is one of the reasons i could never set myself on becoming that extreme, i wanna be here in 10 years not in the ground.

Heres a photo of me lucy and the nice boy who for whateva reason likes me. enjoy, i'll take it down sat.

Well im gonna go catch up on some of ur posts =)