Friday, October 12, 2012

Last Night...

Something bad happened.

My boyfriend read my blog and was really hurt by my post about him.

He thought I was unhappy with him, not everything else, when its the complete opposite.

I love him more than anything, I did not put my self through 2 years of bullshit and hurt to finally be in a commited relationship then just say "hey, see you later".

I got better because he came into my life.

Just sometimes I wish things were different, like more romance, or he'd make more of an effort to spend time with me, not in the bedroom time, like lets go for an adventure time.

But in saying that, I fell in love with him...who he is. And when he fell in love with me I was a different person...I didn't need those things.

Kinda thinking the expression you want what you cant/dont have is coming into play here.

He probably thinks I'm so self centerted I want the world to revolve around me or something, but the truth is he makes me happy, and when we do things together, I'm happy in that moment.

I dunno...just rambling on here.

So...the not eating thing is crap. Decided I'm better off doing it the healthy way, not just for my sake, but the people around me, I become a very mean person well I fall back into my old habits.
And I cant afford to lose the people I have in my life.

So what I have been doing is watching my portion sizes and sticking to healthy options.
Still a little bloated but its getting there.

Anyway...hope everyone has a good weekend.



  1. i have had the same problem with my guy. he doesnt like the fact that i blog at all and so i try to pretty much keep him out of it. anything you put on the internet is fair game ya know? i think its great that youve decided to get healthy! good luck with everything :)
    daisy <3

  2. I guess I'll find out if Etsy works - the dowls I make aren't from a pattern, so no one can give me a hard time about copyright infringement.

    I hope things with your boyfriend have smoothed over a bit...