Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 1...

Been up since 4.30....all I've had is a coffee, not gonna eat till after work.

I'm 58kg....thats 14kg heavier than i was last time I was here.


Plan is to eat lunch and dinner, so no one can see the signs and go for a walk in the arvo after work.

I will get back to 44kg!

Wish me Luck.


  1. Thanks so much for the advice! Love your blog. :)
    Wow, I would fucking die for 58kg!! - I guess it depends on how tall you are though.
    Wish you the best of luck and success! And don't listen to people who try to put you down, follow your own dreams and wishes!
    Love and peace :)

    1. No Problem =)

      Yeah I'm a shortass coming in at 5"3, 58kg is way too heavy for me lol.

      Thanks for your lovely comment =)

  2. best of luck! i know you can do it... you've done it before. :D

  3. Best of luck! Just stumbled upon your blog and read it from A to Z and let me tell you, I feel you the yo-yoing back and forth. Stay strong you can do this!!

  4. You can get back down, just don't starve. That starts the yo-yo-ing again. The plan that you were doing earlier was good. Eat your recommended amount of cals, in clean, healthy foods, and then exercise, and it'll drop off. Right now my whole thing is body fat % instead of weight. I actually don't want to know how much I weigh.,,

  5. you will do just fine girl! you got all kinds of support from us! thanks for the comment!!
    i am def following you!
    ill probs go read the rest of your blog tonight :-) i have been yo-yoing like crazy too.

  6. ur doing great girl! and thanks so much for ur sweet comment! made my day<3 stay strong!