Friday, January 13, 2012

Never gonna be cool with it...

Just told J about my problem with food, and how I'm not okay with it. He cried. I feel like a shit person, I didn't wanna tell him, but he kept asking what was wrong thinking I was upset with him. I havent eaten all day, so I feel heaps out of it, plus you know how sometimes this disorder just puts you in a mood, and it's incredibly hard to communicate with anyone. I can't stop crying, I don't want him to worry bout me, but I can't risk pushing him away again. I feel so bad.


  1. Aww, sorry to hear that...I'm sure he'll come around soon. It's hard for people to understand, and even harder for us to explain our own feelings. I think opening up is a good step, so you shouldn't feel bad.

    But on another note, you look lovely blonde!

  2. "you know how sometimes this disorder just puts you in a mood"<-- I'm really starting to hate that. The mood swings just get more and more intense and it sucks. :(

    Sorry he took it so hard, but I think it's better you told him so that way you can talk about it, and like you said he'll know it's not him. <3