Monday, January 16, 2012

All our actions have consequences....

Dont really know where to start.

Last night J and I had a fight at work, it was my fault. I was in a mood and I wasnt careful the way I said what I was trying to say. I went home from work sick cause I couldn't stop crying. As soon as those words left my mouth, I knew I was in the wrong.

I hurt him. I feel like a shit person. And im scared, what we have is over.

We're taking a few days apart to cool down so we can talk it over...just hoping he doesn't change his mind.

Uh I'm down to 44kg....Cause I've been so stressed out I've only been eating like once a day.

I know its not healthy nor smart, but I dont know how else to deal with the situation with J.

Whatever happens, I'll be okay though.

Oh well, I'll stop whinging and go read all your blogs.

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