Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Slept through my alarm...

Thus making me an hour late for work.

Completely fucked up my day, because i had no time i didn't eat breakfast nor take any lunch to work, because of this mum wouldn't hand over my gym tag so i haven't worked out today :(

On the bright side i've only had a redbull so far today and will be eating my salmon and veggies soon.

Im so tired today, like my whole body is aching and i have no energy to move. Hope im not getting sick.

Staying away from the scales atm, do not wanna get back on till im under 45kg, hoping that will happen by sunday.

Sorry i haven't posted in so long, last few months have been hard and i couldn't even bring myself to write what was happening on here. Loving being back in the community tho, no one understands this like you guys do.

Love. xx

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