Tuesday, February 22, 2011

plans for tuesday.

Today was a bad day.

When i woke up this morning i had good intentions, have a healthy breakfast, go to the doctors, gym, and fit in a few small meals here and there.
But nothing ever happens the way you want it to does it?

After mum took me to the doctors i kinda freaked out and binged. I haven't eaten this much in awhile and i swear im in pain. To make it worse i binged in secret and atm my mother is making me eat every meal with her so i had to force down my other 4 meals of the day aswell what i gorged on.

I need to try and dig myself out of this bullshit, this isn't right.

Plan for 2moz is gym, work then bed.

Food wise will probably be:

  • protein shake
  • plum
  • salad wrap
  • grapes
  • salmon and veggies

Hopefully i stick to it, undereating i can handle, bingeing not so much.


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