Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dirty Little Secret...

So last night i went out into newy.

It started out as a ok night, i drank my sugar free cruisers and watched my two mates eat a large pack of chips each!

Watching them really annoyed me, both these girls complain about their weight to me constantly but what do they expect to happen when they shove these saturated fats down their throat.

Its so simple, if you wanna lose weight, eat healthy and work out more then what is going in.

Anyway we started at bar on the hill. It was pretty dead so we left and went to the cambo.

This is my fave place in newy =)

When i was in the unisex toilets i had a girl stop me to tell me i was absolutely gorgeous and skinny. Of course i didn't believe her but it still makes you smile on the inside when people say it =)

After a fight broke out in the red room and i got punched in the arm ( fucking hurt, right on the bone) we left and went to fannys.

Now while all this was happening, i was msging an old friend and we decided to meet up. I honestly didn't think he would follow through given everything that has happened, but like always he surprised me.

When i'd had enough of fannys, i left to get the train and met him at maitland. He took me home, came inside, and you can gather what came next.

We've both agreed not to tell a soul that we went back to one another, because we both agreed it was the last time for a long time and quite frankly none of our friends would be happy with us. So this is my dirty little secret im telling you lol.

I need to focus on me, and i need to work out what i really feel. I thought i loved him, but after some thinking i think it could be i was being relient on him?

It was nice tho, we talked and cuddled. I never thought i'd experience that again with him.

Just happy it has ended on good terms.

I weighed in this morning.


Hoping this number sticks around.

So far today i've had:

  • Protein shake 191 cal

I plan on having salmon and veggies before work so that should work out to be 325 cals.

So all up 516 cals.

I need to eat more but its so hard.

Hope everyone is doing great =)


  1. Thanks for following me. Following you right back!

  2. hihi ~ how nice that you had a full nite. sounds like both fun and exciting.

    your pics from last week look great and your "middle" is not "big" at all but i get that and feel the same way about myself. you look very proportionately tiny :)