Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thank you!!!

for the photo comments =)

And gem, i got that dress from dotti, if ur in australia its still in stock =)

Well, got my belly button pierced yesterday, pretty random thing, but it happened.

Finally got it done coz its gives me incentive not to let myself get bigger again, and plus my tummy is finally flat enough again.

Still 48 kg, haven't eaten yet today but i made a pork curry cutting out all the fat i could, and i'll only have a snack size of it and let the rest of the fam binge on it.
Going to the gym after i drop the ice cream pie i made into jacks. ( i like to cook, but i give my food away to save calories and temtation)

So yea, hopefully by monday i'll see 47. Not eating 2moz, going to a party and i'd say i wont have time to eat sat nite coz i work close.

Wish me luck! Hope ur doing well!


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