Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So today i weighed in at 48kg so 106 lbs.

Life is ok i guess, just been living on a diet of coffee and ciggerettes, i swear its making living harder.

This time im scared, its not like the other times before, its not that i shouldn't eat, but i cant.

Had an anxiety attack at work yesterday over a few mouthfuls of soup, after i calmed down i threw it away and went and had a smoke instead.

I think the coffee plays a big part in my anxiety tho.

Anyway here are some photos of me at 48kg. I think from here on in it will be a slow decline, but it will be a decline no less.


  1. Oh my god, you look amazing!!! well done darling! im catchin up, i hit 49 yesterday FINALLY under 50.
    you're a stunner.
    oh so so so tiny!
    come out dancing soon miss, i havent seen you in a million years :)

  2. You have such amazing proportion! Saying I'm not completely jealous would be a total lie.

    hugs on the anxiety attack front <3

  3. you are beatiful!
    I hope you can figure out the source of anxiety im worried about you!
    x lyndee

    p.s. sorry i have never commented before

  4. Loookin goood!
    You look so tiny - definitely the right frame for getting skinny!
    Hope it's not a slow decline for you. I hope it's a wonderful plateau that you'll enjoy.

    Also, pretty dress. I want it.