Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Life gets messy

Just got back from the gym, so excited to be back into this.

Did 20 mins cardio as warm up and cool down and all my upper body weights =) ( good effort considering how long i haven't worked out)

All i've had today so far is a BL shake so 208 cals. will eat more later on.

Life has been messy of late, had a car accident on the weekend.
So... im out 7 grand, but i'll be fine. Was so lucky tho, was extremely hungova and lucky the chick i hit didn't wanna call the police coz my parents vouched for me that i could pay for her car and my own no probs, thank fuck tho, would've got done for dui.
Learnt my lesson tho, always take the day off after a nite out so i have no reason for driving.

The nite before it was awesome tho, went out in newy and got fucking smashed, was still hitting it hard on the train home with tron doing scoth whiskey shots =) Jack also really wanted me that nite so my plan worked as always.

Me and the boy are fine, still dont want a relationship and either does he so we're on the same page atm, but i must confess, i do have feelings for him, which i didn't expect.
People at work know now, and his ex ( who we also work with and who is a 17 yr old brat) is making trouble of it. He broke up with her and she moved onto his mate and now she keeps posting shit on fb about how jack screwed her over and i stole him from her, when they broke up months b4 jack and i even hooked up, hate the bitch. wonder what her current bf thinks of the situation?

In a finaicial bind atm, pretty much not gonna have a social life till my car is fixed and i've replaced my savings ( for a house deposit), but hey thats ok, i'll survive.

Weighing in at 51.6 kg today, not so much worried bout the weight right now, just tone, as my clothes look margins better when i am tight and not round.

Pretty much it for now, sorry í haven't been posting, life is busy and its hard to find time when ur on the go all the time.

Will make more effort i promise =)

Love u!

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