Thursday, July 15, 2010

24 hour gym pass!!!

The new rhianna will be here soon, love 24 hour gyms, right next door to work also =)

Not much has been happening, my weight has dropped to 51 but im flabbier then eva.

Been having alot of sex, with the one boy, but it'll never lead to more.

Been drinking way too much, to the point of i dont remember the nites.

thats it for now, i dont have time to write more, life is getting busy.


  1. i loooove my 24hr gyms as well, one around the corner from me and one down the road from joey's, so convenient :)
    newy on wed the 28th babe?
    be there!! i havent seen you in too long,
    so not this wednesday but the one after

    so hows thing with the boy goin?? you sound a lil less optimistic today then usual about him..


  2. I love the gym! Have fun and be careful!