Monday, May 31, 2010

Somewhere only we know...( comment replies)

So last post i mentioned going out sober.

This didn't happen, i ended up having a few drinks coz my older brother ( herion addict ) was coming down and kept psyching up at me i needed something to kill the anxiety that comes when he gets that way. I dont even know why he's here, when i moved back home the deal with the rents was he had to go for me to come back, but still at 19, im putting up with my 33 yr old bros shit.

Anyway i didn't drink alot, i wasn't even drunk...and i managed not to hook up with anyone, my motto was indulge in booze not boys, but i did have a few try and took it abit personal when i would push them away and turn my head. Anywayz went home round 2 am...did not sleep at all and i was supposed to work at 10.15 and i felt so crook it wasn't funny, so i ended up calling in sick, i felt so guilty.

Anywayz last nite went out for chinese with the family, i hadly ate anything coz i didn't want any, later on i went ova to matts with the boys and girls and ended up going to the movies...was pretty fun. I love chill nites =)

So im kinda starting to hate food, like i do not like it at all, lately i've been skipping meals coz what i would normally have is disgusting just doesn't taste good anymore, hopefully this will prevent binges if this behaviour keeps up.

So today I got called into work, so i haven't had time to workout given its raining but so far all i've had is a slice of toast with jam so i'll estimate 130? ( the bread is from the bakery so its high in cals) i was gonna have a Biggest loser shake after work ( 208 cals) but i really dont want it...but i need the cals.

We're having pea ham soup for dinner, so cals wont be out of hand today.

So replies to comments:

Raynay: Its ok, lecturing is needed lol. I did take the morning after pill, but the lady told me it is only 85% effective, and i'm more worried bout the risk of std and sti's...but im pretty sure i couldn't get pregnant at that time of the month anywayz so it should be good.

Pokerface and Harlow: Thanks for the photo comments, ur both gorgeous!



  1. oooh Chinese food. so stinkin' yummy.

    and "indulge in booze, not boys" hahaha! oh, I just love you! :) and I agree!

  2. I hate food lately as well...
    The guilt is not worth eating something flavorful, and I'm so sick of healthy stuff I end up not eating...
    But like you said, prevents binges!