Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sometimes I wish I could sleep forever...

coz most days my dreams seem like a much better fucking reality, im thinner, prettier, things move much slower i am not plagued by how i feel on a daily basis when im alseep.

Of course there are the nites where i have the weird dreams like when a chick locked me on top of a sky scaper and preceded to throw away all the food i would try to eat and left me there to starve and die. But most days my dreams are happier and more positive then life now days.

The last two days have been meh, not terrible but not bad...the cold weather isn't helping either.

So i joined a site tonight that allows you to ask me questions and such without revealing who you are...looked like fun so i thought why not lol...

I may head out tonight sober and try and burn some cals...Hope Daniel isn't out.

I've been kinda worrying alot lately that i may have fallen pregnant, like me and daniel had one nite but we had sex four times and all without a condom, which is stupid.

Told you im not the same person i was before.


  1. i had a sober night as well last night... it wasn't as fun as a drinking nnight but oh well a girl needs a sober night once and awhile!

    ffingers crossed everythign is ok and you are NOT preggo.

  2. I'm not going to lecture you about condoms, I'm sure you realize how important they are. Do you have the morning after pill there? It will work up to several days after the fact. if you can't get a hold of it, its really just four regular BC pills so maybe a friend can let you borrow some? Anyways, hope things start looking up for you soon. <3