Sunday, April 11, 2010


Fasted friday and yesterday, drank a bit of alcohol yesterday tho coz i went to a new found glory concert in sydney...but other then that no extra cals.

New found was amazing!! Definately best concert i've eva been to, and they can actually sing awesome live and sound like they do on their records uno. Gettin home at 6 am was a killer tho, ended up crashing at the 'my ex's sisters house, love those girls =)

broke my fast today wit a frozen yoghurt...probably have a baked dinner with the fam tonight also coz im startin to look a little gaunt for me ( alot of people said so last night =$) so im gonna have to or questions will be asked.

Start back at work this week, so keepin in control will be easier coz i wont be sitting at home most of the day bored, plan for 2moz is to get up eat a good breakfast go for a run...then try and minimise the cals from there on.

Weigh in is tuesday, hopefully i'll keep this up by then.

Hope u all had an awesome and safe w/e =)



  1. I loooove New Found Glory... I'm supremely jealous.

  2. This was really inspirational for some reason! Thank you 'cause I've been needing it!

  3. Ahhh, that concert sounds like it was amazing :) and loud and obnoxious and probably loads of fun.

  4. holyshit mang. you are gorgy. fucking ideal.
    congrats on the successful week :)