Saturday, April 3, 2010

The w/e...

Easter has been alright so far i guess, been sick with the flu since last nite tho which is really sucky, but i cant eat much without feeling sick so i may just feel abit skinnier ova the w/e...

So went to a party on thursday nite and got trashed, drank a whole bottle of southern comfort by myself ( probably why my immune system is shit atm) but i met another boy named Dan =) he was very nice, shame he has a gf, i know what i did was wrong, but i dont regret it at all, feel sorry for his girl tho. There was a huge fight at this party, ruined everyones nite, my mate walked into the bedroom while dan and i were hooking up and completly ovareacted so i lost a mate that nite which sucked but he's an arrogant prick so watevs, he cant get be mad at me for this coz he had a similiar situation wit my friend last yr.

last nite had a party here which i bailed on, left everyone in my backyard and went to bed sober at 11...thats when i started gettin sick lol...

Food has been ok the last few days...just too much alcohol i think.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy w/e =)



  1. i admit i love to be trashed- and the stories about what i did are hilarious. although i don't agree with what you did with Dan because the girlfriend, i'm glad you don't regret; i don't believe in regrets.

  2. hello love; i did write that and thank you so much for the lovely compliment :)
    and abot the Dan thing, i'm just much more impressed you can realize that it was wrong and not regret it at the same time. and i'm not sure what you mean about the leading her on part? has he been leading her on the past few months or vice versa?

  3. yes, it sounds like he does need to take the plunge. tell him to buck up and be a man. sometimes relationships don't work out. and, by the way, i am enjoying this conversation we're having via blog. i've never really commented a blog to have a comment back in conversation mode. it's quite fun.

    also, i read in your 'about me' that you like Jodi Picoult books!? i think i love you. i'm currently reading "Handle with Care" by her!

  4. same here; i think on blogspot it's so easy just to comment and disappear, but i want to get to know people one on one and learn about their lives.

    it's fantastic, of course. i feel as if everything she writes is fantastic. i love "My Sister's Keeper" as well! and never saw the movie. I keep meaning to go back and read "Nineteen Minutes" (I had started it but had to stop because Uni was a bit too much). "The Pact" is another fantastic one too!

  5. it was the second book of her's i ever read as well! i wonder if there is a place we can exchange emails without the world seeing? i'm actually in America, ha ha. i'm not sure why i say Uni. i also pronouce tomato as tomahto. who knows, who knows!

  6. fantastic! i just emailed you. sorry to hear you're sick and i hope you feel better soon!